1st Prize at the Homes and Gardens Show, La Finca Golf Resort.

I am very proud to have won first prize in the advanced category of the art competition at the Homes and Gardens show last week, with my Hyperrealistic painting “Ford Maria de la O”. All the hundreds of hours of hard work were worth it, the painting is hand made using an airbrush and PPG automotive paint on an aluminium panel. It measures 66.8cm high x 104.3cm wide, and has been finished with a matt lacquer. To be precise it’s a 2 component polyurethane lacquer produced by PPG for Lamborghini, so it is very good quality. Thank you to the judges, and all the public for such great feedback, to GM Promotions for organising the event and Casas Espania the sponsors of the art competition.

1st Prize for Hyperrealistic painting "Ford Maria de la O"
1st Prize for Hyperrealistic painting “Ford Maria de la O”
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