Ronen Zlotogoura art classes

Weekly Art Classes

Creative expression is greatly therapeutic which encourages healing, well-being and friendships. Classes are held in a fun and relaxing environment with plenty of individual attention, set in a professional art studio located in the tranquil countryside of Dolores. They run every Monday from 10:00-13:00 or 15:30-18:30 and are open to everyone at all levels. Subjects covered include the fundamentals such as

  • Composition
  • Perspective
  • Colour theory
  • Oil paints
  • Acrylics
  • Water colours
  • Chalks, pastels and much more

20€ including starter materials, tea and biscuits are provided.

Airbrush Courses

An airbrush is a versatile tool that uses a controlled amount of air from a compressor to be able to paint on any surface. It can be used for a number of things including fine art, illustration, murals, custom painting motorbikes, helmets, cars, cake decorating, nails and body painting just to name a few. These courses focus on the airbrush technique which you can later apply to any surface of your choice.

Beginner Airbrush Course

Four complete days where you will learn the skills and techniques needed to enter the world of airbrushing. You’ll be given step-by-step guidance to create and complete a variety of projects for you to take home. Some of the things you will learn in the process include

  • Airbrush maintenance and optimization
  • Colour theory and paint mixing
  • Masking, stencil and template techniques
  • Freehand control
  • Lots of tips and tricks for quick professional results

480€ Including materials and lunch.

Advanced Airbrush Course

Five productive days where you will be shown how to create Hyperrealistic artwork. Demonstrations will cover all aspects of Hyperrealistic portraiture including eyes, lips, flesh tones, hair texture as well as how to render realistic chrome and glass surfaces. You will receive help to airbrush various paintings that resemble high resolution photos for you to take away and keep as examples of your abilities. This course also covers

  • Advanced colour theory and precision colour matching
  • Perspective, proportion, composition
  • Increasing observation skills
  • Understanding saturation, values, contrast, shading, light and shadow
  • Airbrush perfect lines and curves 100 percent freehand

600€ Including materials and lunch.

Please contact me for dates and availability or any enquiries.

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