Artist Statement

The core influences that attribute to my artistic way are an appreciation for beauty, combined with my exacting nature and fascination of colour theory. Having gained proficiency working in vehicle body restoration and painting has honed my skills for meticulous attention to detail and accurate colour matching. Hyperrealistic artwork allows me to capture the magic of reality and convey it through the means of a painting or mural.

Personally the airbrush has been my favourite tool of use due to its great precision as well as capabilities for soft blending and fading of colours, which give the painting photographic characteristics. This is enhanced further by considerable preparation of primed canvas or metal panels, and the careful application of paint layers. The airbrush process is laborious and methodical, borrowing many techniques and materials from the automotive industry. These technologies lend themselves beautifully to my specific art application, relate to the subject matter and give my work longevity using products and chemicals that have proven to withstand the test of time.

Currently I’m working on a series of paintings portraying classic American automobiles and modern European super cars, which have been a passion of mine since childhood. Showcasing the individuality of their stylish designs and timeless glamour, hyperrealism gives me an opportunity to share my vision of the past and carry it through to the future, seamlessly.

Ronen Zlotogoura

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