What an honour, I’ve just been contacted by the owners of justart-e.com offering me the opportunity to showcase my work alongside some of today’s top hyperrealistic artists from all over the world. This is such a privilege for me as these artists are really top notch and head of their game, not to mention that it’s really nice to be appreciated for my work. So don’t hesitate get over their and check it out www.justart-e.com

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2 thoughts on “www.justart-e.com

  1. Hey Ron – You are definetly on Your way, man!
    I appreciate very much the painted classic cars You do, as well as You are always
    inventing new art and stay “feed on the ground” as a human beeing.

    Thumbs up for a great 2013! Greetz to Your family & all the best

    1. Hey Oliver, Great to hear from you and thanks a lot for the kind words of appreciation, we moved from Jijona last year and are now near Torrevieja in a town called Dolores so let me know when you are coming back out so we can meet up again for your famous zucchini pizza .

      Happy New Year!

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