Madrid Art Fairs

This weekend was quite an intense one as there were 4 art fairs to visit in the Spanish capital Madrid. Acompanied by my cultured sister Daniella we started at Fletcha wich was one of the smaller contenders non the less very interesting. Seeing what artists from around the world are producing and how they are being represented was the main reason for going.

At ARCO the largest of the fairs it was exciting to see a painting by the renowned American painter Richard Estes, one of the founders of the original photorealism movement back in the 60s. Titled “Broadway and 68th St” it depicts a New York high street with plenty of detail and a price tag of 400,000. Art Madrid 13 offered a bit more hyperrealism and works by Spanish artists Maria Trevino and Miguel Pineiro were the most memorable. As I was speaking to the gallery owner one of the pieces was sold (I must have brought him some luck, but didn’t ask for a commission!)

A representative from Istanbul confirmed witnessing a current rise in popularity of Hyperrealism in America.  Visiting the fairs has stimulated me with ideas and influenced me to add some pop art to my collection of Hyperrealistic classic car paintings. Being they are from the same era they will complement each other nicely. After getting lots of positive inspiration I’m now looking forward to an exhibition of my artwork here in Dolores on the 7th of June at the new cultural centre, subscribe to to receive details.

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